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TRY Dig is a forward-thinking technology company transforming world-class user experience into meaningful digital solutions for your business.

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We develop and help our customers build and operate better, more customer-centric digital services. To achieve this, we believe it is crucial to understand the full picture.


This is because one of today's challenges is the siloed way of thinking between technology, marketing, and communication.


With this mentality, we all lose. By breaking down these silos, we create better solutions for our customers and not least, our customers' customers.


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- Talent wins games, but teamwork wins championships.

— Zoe Zermeño

- Show, don't tell.

— Asbjørn Lysne Voje

- You can always look for more action-driven insights in data you have, the main problem is that no one hardly looks.

— Mārcis Ūdris

- In a world where habits, trends, and technology are shifting at a rapid pace, collaboration and communication are key.

— Claire Linden

- You're either getting better or getting worse. The best ones recognize that they are responsible for getting better every day.

— Andris Verners

- Just go ahead and design something, enough empty talk.

— Mike Haidarov

- Forget about the buzzwords and trends, when creating a better web, keep in mind - the main goal is to humanize the technology.

— Viesturs Kančs

- You just have to move those pixels, for better results!

— Raitis Skujans

- Design with people, for people.

— Pouya Kari Jafari

- I believe that an important competitive component of any digital product or service is how it makes a user feel. Every solution needs to work in a synergy between what users desires and what drives business results.

— Ilze Tenase

- The one who learns - becomes a fool. The one who learns AND works will become smart.

— Reinis Sudrabs

- It’s the hardest thing to simplify things around you. Nevertheless one should aim for that. At least for a simpler, cleaner code.

— Emīls Kondratovičs

- There is an easy way and a hard way. The hard part is finding the easy way.

— Mikus Meikulis

- At work, I wear two pairs of shoes - my own and the users.

— Laura Krūmiņa


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