Simplified online rental solution for Ramirent Norway

  • Client Ramirent
  • Project E-Rental solution redesign
  • Year 2023


Design System Design Research Development


Sanity Next.js Azure Algolia

About the client

Ramirent is Norway's leading player in the rental of machinery and equipment. Delivery to building and construction industry as well as other industries from small to large customers with all types of projects. With Norway’s largest machinery and equipment fleet Ramirent’s mission is to deliver flexible service with a smile, both to customers and colleagues.




Challenges & problems

As part of Ramirent's digital growth strategy, they faced the need to introduce a new e-rental solution. The goal was not only to make it possible to rent products online, but also to make product and service development easier and to make Ramirent ready to meet the customers of the future.

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Process & approach

With an extensive product range, optimization of was essential. User management, making data available and synchronizing systems were crucial to ensure that the information was up-to-date and consistent. Furthermore, we placed great emphasis on universal design, both in the design process and in the technical implementation. This way we made sure that the rental flow is clear and understandable for everyone who is both managing their construction projects and also for people who are on the move and might be making their rental requests while standing on the construction site and using mobile devices.




Good documentation to limit errors and guesswork

Documenting everything for developers before handing off designs helps us to clearly communicate our design decisions and accessibility requirements such as aria labels and tab focus orders.




Always adjusting design system to meet project needs

The design system is constantly updated together with creating new design screens so everything is consistent and our developers are able to re-use these components in multiple places throughout the homepage.

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We developed a comprehensive design system for Ramirent in Norway, based on their global visual identity. In the design system, we introduced new identity elements to ensure a good and accessible user experience.

Our development approach was based on a "composable commerce" strategy. This allowed us to build a tailored service platform that addressed identified challenges and needs. The new was designed with Next.js and React. We chose Sanity as CMS, which gave Ramirent full freedom in managing content.

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