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We are passionate about breaking down the silos between marketing, sales, customer service, and IT. We prioritize and optimize customer journeys from A to Z.



Technology and creativity

At the TRY house, we saw a trend among our customers, and in the market as a whole. They were tired of going to different agencies for help with creativity and technology. We therefore decided to build an environment at the TRY house with UX designers, developers, tech and CRM advisors as well as digital marketers. We strive to help our customers with technological choices, strategic approaches and operational work to secure future customer journeys.

We break down the silos between sales, marketing, and IT

Customer journey and strategy
  • A good customer journey is the foundation of everything we do. Businesses no longer sell just a product, but an experience and a relationship.
Design and customer experience
  • We design and develop solutions that ensure that the end user has a first-class user experience with your product from A to Z.
  • HubSpot facilitates continuous growth, fewer silos, and better customer experiences.
Digital services development
  • We create new services and initiatives for our customers through design-driven innovation.
  • We ensure that you have the right technology and expertise to grow in line with your commercial goals and meet customer expectations.
Digital marketing
  • We help you to reach your customers in the digital environment with a custom marketing strategy for your case.
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