Privacy Policy

Here you will find the privacy statement for the TRY Dig Latvia, valid from 10 November 2022.

Your privacy is important to us. Information about our processing of personal data about you must be clear and easily accessible so that you have the opportunity to have good knowledge of how we use this information. This statement contains information you are entitled to when personal data is collected from you.


This privacy policy applies to:

  • for you as an individual
  • when TRY Dig Latvia is responsible for the processing of the personal data that is processed about you.
  • in connection with treatment activities that take place via or because of the website, for example, when you visit the website or use services that you can access via the website.


This privacy policy does not apply to:

  • when someone other than TRY Dig Latvia acts as a data controller, such as when TRY Dig Latvia acts as a data processor on behalf of its customers when delivering the services where personal data will be processed on behalf of the customer.

Privacy statement

  • TRY Dig Latvia, 

    Aspazijas bulvāris 24, 


    tel. +371 29 114 183 


    is responsible for processing all processing activities that take place due to or via this website.

  • Personal information is information that can be linked to you as a person, for example name, e-mail address, but can also be digital identifiers that can be linked to you through, for example, cookies or other information that can be linked to you more indirectly.

    It is important to us that you know what kind of personal data we process and when, so that you can protect your rights according to the data protection legislation.

  • Privacy is the right to decide on personal data about oneself. The processing of personal data means any use of personal data, such as collection, registration, compilation, storage and disclosure or a combination of such uses.

  • The TRY house processes personal data about you when:

    • you have given your consent to the processing of information about you (you can withdraw this at any time) - Personal Data Protection Regulation art. 6.1a)

    • it is necessary to deliver agreed services (contract fulfillment) to you - Personal Data Protection Regulation art. 6.1.b)

    • it is necessary for the sake of our fulfillment of statutory requirements - Personal Protection Regulation art 6.1. c)

    • the processing is necessary to carry out a task in the public interest or to exercise public authority - Personal Data Protection Regulation art. 6.1. e)

    • we have a legitimate interest in the processing, such as marketing, analysis and improving your experience and our services and products - Personal Data Protection Regulation art. 6.1.f.)

  • Below we provide an overview of the purposes for which we process personal data, what is the legal basis for the processing and what types of data are involved:

    Fulfill the agreement you enter into with us

    • We collect and use personal data through our website and related services.
      This includes data collected by cookies, and it also includes, for example, if you contact us via contact forms, if we carry out online surveys and the like where you freely provide your personal information.

    • In certain cases, we store information about name, e-mail address, telephone number, job title, workplace and IP address for the purpose of communicating relevant information that users have requested through our services and products, compiling user statistics, including analyzing usage patterns in order to further develop and improve the website and our services and products, and to customize and improve the user experience. We enrich this data with any insights that we receive via cookies that you have accepted. We also collect personal data that can be linked to your device or profile that you use when you visit our website. Here we collect information about behavior on the website, such as e.g. which newsletters or articles you read, when, and what you show interest in, including which links are opened.

    • The processing basis is GDPR article 6 no. 1 f) (balancing of interests) where we have received data from users who have requested our services.

    IT operation and security:

    • Personal data stored in our IT systems may be accessible to us or to our suppliers in connection with system updates, implementation or follow-up of security measures, error correction or other maintenance. The processing basis is GDPR article 6 no. 1 c), cf. GDPR article 32 and GDPR article 6 no. 1 f) (balancing of interests).


    Invoicing and accounting:

    • Contact information received from business customers is used to mark invoices sent to the business. For private customers, the person concerned's private postal address is used for sending invoices. The processing basis is GDPR article 6 no. 1 letter f) (balancing of interests) for business customers and GDPR article 6 no. 1 letter b) (necessary to fulfill the agreement with the data subject) for private customers.


    • We send out newsletters to e-mail addresses registered to customers to whom we regularly provide services or products for consideration and others who have requested to receive our newsletter. Recipients of the newsletter can easily unsubscribe from the service by using the link included in each inquiry. The basis for processing is GDPR article 6 no. 1 letter f) (balancing of interests) where we have received the e-mail address in connection with the delivery of products or services for consideration and the Marketing Act Section 15 (3) allows the use of the e-mail address for marketing.

    • In other contexts, marketing (including, among other things, the sending of newsletters or other relevant content, for example, related to our seminars and webinars, downloadable content and other information we think you are interested in based on what you have shown interest in when you request our services) with the consent of the person concerned. cf. GDPR article 6 no. 1 a). Recipients of such marketing can withdraw their consent at any time by using the link included in each individual inquiry.


    Our processing of personal data is handled by our skilled employees. Only a select group of people have access to the information, and the people are selected based on expertise and customer relationships. All TRY employees are subject to confidentiality.


    • Information about you may be shared with other TRY companies or with third parties such as other businesses that you have asked us to interact with or that we interact with in order to fulfill the agreements we enter into with our customers and users. We do this to the extent that this is necessary to comply with our contractual obligations and to ensure good and efficient interaction across the TRY Group;


    • Others with whom you have given your consent for us to share information;

    • Subcontractors (development, delivery, operation and maintenance of services)


    • Possible partners in the event of a sale, purchase, merger or other reorganization of the company;

    • Credit checking and collection companies;

    • Police, courts or other public authorities authorized to request extradition

    • Social media, such as Facebook or Instagram when you communicate with us on our Facebook pages or our Instagram pages

  • We use Norwegian and foreign partners and ensure that the transfer of personal data only takes place when the recipients have undertaken to provide satisfactory privacy, security and confidentiality mechanisms or methods when processing the data.


    When we use data processors who carry out assignments on our behalf, we enter into data processor agreements. Our data processors or subcontractors may be located in Norway, the EU/EEA area or outside the EU/EEA area. For transfers out of the EU/EEA area, we include standard privacy regulations adopted by the European Commission, unless the country to which the personal data is transferred is listed on the European Commission's list of third countries that have a similar level of protection to the EU/EEA or have binding business rules in place (BCR). See the European Commission's list of pre-approved countries here.


    If you would like a copy of the transfer mechanisms used, you can contact us at privacy@try.noIf you would like a copy of the transfer mechanisms used, you can contact us at

  • We process the information about you for as long as is necessary to achieve the purpose of the processing. The information is then deleted unless we are obliged by law to continue to take care of the information.

  • Information: You have the right to receive information about the processing of information about you. The information must be clear and easily accessible so that you can acquire good knowledge of how we process this information.

    Access: You have the right to receive our confirmation of whether personal data about you is processed and, if this is the case, access to your own personal data that is processed about you and information about the processing. If you want access, you can ask for an overview/copy of the information that we process about you.

    Correction: You have the right to demand that personal information about you be corrected or supplemented if it turns out to be incorrect or incomplete.

    Deletion: You have a right to be forgotten, which means that you can demand that personal data about you be deleted, for example when you no longer have a customer relationship with TRY or when you withdraw consent. Unless there is a legal basis for continued processing of the personal data, these will be deleted.

    Limitation: You can request that we do not delete personal information about you if you need this information to determine, enforce or defend legal claims.

    Data portability: You can request that personal data about yourself that you have given us be transferred to another data controller without us preventing this.

    Objection: You can ask us to stop the processing of personal data that we use for direct marketing, including profiling.

    Protesting: You have the right to object to the processing of personal data about yourself if the processing is based on legitimate interest as the basis for processing. If you object, we will assess the processing in line with the requirements of the law.

    Automated decisions: We do not use automated decisions.

    Right to complain about the processing to the supervisory authority (in Latvia: Datu Valsts inspekcija).

    Right to withdraw consent: For those treatments to which you have given your consent, you can withdraw it at any time. The processing of the relevant personal data will then cease. To exercise your rights, contact us via

  • The TRY Group markets its products and services in our own channels as well as on external advertising platforms. We also use these channels to provide information about how our products and services are best used. Our own channels are Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest and LinkedIn.


    In order to be able to send the most relevant message possible, we define segments, which are groups of similar profiles, which the marketing targets. The profiles are built on personal data from our customer administration systems and are information such as place of residence, industry and information obtained in connection with sending newsletters if you have consented and cookies depending on which cookies you have accepted.


    In our digital channels, we will use cookies to collect information about your choices on our websites. We and our partners use this information to display content and advertisements that we believe are relevant to you.


    Both with us and in external advertising platforms, rules (algorithms) are used to determine which marketing message you receive, as well as when you receive it. An example could be that we market via an external advertising platform to target users with a special profile. The advertising platform will then use its own rules based on its knowledge of preferences and usage patterns.


    Reservations against customized marketing

    • As a customer with us, you can specifically reserve your right to marketing by contacting
    • If you want us to never use your data for customized marketing, you use your right to object. You can find it in the chapter "Your rights" in this Privacy Policy.
    • For cookies, you can say no when we ask for your consent or you can reject cookies in your browser. All content on our websites will still be available without the personalization dimension.
    • Even if you have turned off cookies with us, you can still use customized marketing on, for example, Google or Facebook if you have consented to it. To make changes, go to the privacy settings of the relevant platforms.
  • Note that to the extent that you accept cookies, they will be able to be linked to your profile if you have a profile with us. Read more here for information about cookies etc.

  • This statement will be reviewed regularly to ensure that necessary updates and changes are made. If the changes are of significant importance, they will be notified to you via e-mail if we have your e-mail address registered with us. In any case, we will inform you about the new version on our website. Previous versions of this privacy policy are provided to us on request.

  • If you wish to contact us, you can do so here: