2.5x increase in sales

  • Client AVA of Norway
  • Project Google Ads Campaign
  • Year 2022


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Google Ads

After restructuring their Google Ads Paid Search and Shopping campaigns for the UK market, Norway's premier high-pressure washer brand witnessed a 184% increase in revenue in just the first month.

The Story

Elevating the High-Pressure Cleaning Experience

With two decades of expertise servicing major brands in the pressure washer industry, AVA has garnered deep insights into both the functional aspects and user perspectives. Beyond understanding the challenges from a seller's viewpoint, they've tapped into customers' perceptions of their products. Armed with this knowledge, AVA aspired to deliver user-centric products characterized by enhanced efficiency and user-friendliness.

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The Goal

Capitalizing on Rising Brand Interest in the UK

AVA’s goal was to:

  • Introduce a fresh approach to leveraging a Google Ads account.
  • Address the naturally growing interest and demand for their products in the UK.
  • Amplify sales volumes.
  • Enhance performance during high-demand seasons.


The Solution

Revamping Google Campaigns & Exploring New Campaign Avenues

AVA approached TRY, recognizing that their current campaigns weren't hitting the mark. They enlisted TRY to audit their account and provide actionable improvement strategies.

Post-audit, and after deliberations with TRY, AVA entrusted the team with full autonomy over account planning, setup, and ongoing management.

TRY's strategy encompassed:

  • A comprehensive overhaul of Generic Search, Brand Search campaigns, and Shopping Feed. The emphasis was on consolidating more conversion data within singular campaigns, ensuring bidding algorithms received ample signals for optimal performance.
  • Experimentation with the Smart Shopping campaign type, with plans to explore Performance Max subsequently.
  • Integration of additional purchase signal conversions for top-of-the-funnel generic campaigns.


The Results


WoW Revenue after launching Google Ads non-brand campaigns.


MoM Revenue in the first month of account takeover.


MoM Revenue in the second month.


Revenue increase in the sales period.


MoM increase in users.


more purchases.


increase in Average purchase revenue per user.

38x more

of the models sold that were not moving in stock.

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«Through a good collaboration with TRY, with a focus on goals and optimization, AVA increased our sales throughout the season. TRY appears to be knowledgeable, interested and have a desire for us as a customer to have success. We are very pleased with our collaboration and would recommend other brands to use TRY's expertise.»

 - Head of Marketing, Nadia Corneliussen - AVA of Norway.


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