Ads Account Audit

    Get the most out of your advertising budget, maximize your ROI.



    • 01 Uncovered growth potential
    • 02 Achieve optimal efficiency
    • 03 Improved ROI and cost savings

    A Fresh Pair of Eyes on Your Account

    Transform your digital advertising game with our thorough audit! Think of it as a superhero sidekick for your paid search and social strategy - we dive deep to uncover areas for improvement and equip you with actionable recommendations to level up your campaigns. Get ready to say goodbye to underperforming tactics and hello to a new-and-improved approach!


    Reasons to consider an audit

    If you're experiencing any of the following, it's a good time to consider an audit.


    • Poor campaign performance
    • Increased advertising costs
    • Lack of return on investment
    • Outdated ad strategies
    • Difficulty tracking and measuring campaign success


    Or if it simply feels like you're missing opportunities from new changes, trends, and options that the ever-changing advertising world provides. 


    Our audit process

    1. Kickoff call. We’ll chat about past ad efforts, what you hope to gain with future ad efforts, who your target audience is, and everything in between. 
    2. The audit. During this time, our team will look at every part of the account, and examine campaigns, keywords, budget spend, and more to assess performance. After gathering and analyzing data, we’ll put together a deck to walk you through what we uncovered.
    3. Presentation. Our team will present our findings, answer any questions you may have, and send over the final audit. From there, we can implement changes and manage your ads accounts, or you can take our recommendations and apply them in-house.

    Ready to get started?

    Allow us to do a proper ads account audit and find out how we’ll take your business to the next level.



    • There are numerous benefits to performing a professional ads account audit. Here are some of them:

      1. Optimized campaign performance
      2. Identify potential resource waste
      3. Stay up-to-date with the latest practices
      4. Maximized ROI
      5. Uncovered hidden advertising opportunities
      6. Improve targeting to maximize returns
      7. Ensure compliance with all relevant regulations and guidelines.
    • Each type of account requires a distinct approach. For instance, search campaigns require a thorough examination of keywords, search queries, ads, and landing pages due to their complexity. Display campaigns must be analyzed carefully with regard to targeting and messaging, as context plays a crucial role. Social media campaigns require another completely different approach. There are several types of campaigns, each with its unique approach.

    • Upon completion of an ads account audit, you will receive a comprehensive report that highlights all observations made and identifies areas for improvement. Issues will be categorized based on their level of severity, from the most critical to the least. We will also include suggestions and actionable steps to further enhance your advertising efforts.

      A proper paid ads audit will uncover opportunities to get more out of your advertising budget. 

    • During a paid ads audit, the most common issues we see across our client’s accounts are:

      • Poor campaign structure
      • Lack of tracking
      • Inconsistent messaging
      • Inadequate keyword research
      • Neglecting platform algorithms
      • Overlooking negative keywords
      • Ignoring landing pages
      • Targeting inaccuracies
      • Poor ad creative

      And many more…