417% traffic increase to recruitment site

  • Customer SmartLynx Airlines
  • Year 2022
  • Task Driving recruitment applications for pilots, first officers and cabin crew.
  • Industry Transportation


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SmartLynx Airlines is one of the top choices of aircraft lease solutions in the world.

The Story

SmartLynx is an EU-based airline, specializing in full-service ACMI aircraft lease services. The company is headquartered in Latvia. Daily operations are done with a clear vision in mind - to be the first choice for ACMI and provide a high-quality charter product. The company supports leading airlines with short and long-term ACMI services by operating flights in Europe, Asia, and Africa. SmartLynx is a proud owner of the 2019 Best Employer in Latvia in the Transportation Sector award. 

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The Goal

Driving recruitment applications for Cabin Crew and Pilot vacancies

SmartLynx wanted to attract top talent to the international team to help satisfy the growing demand of the company's services in the market. As well as attracting top talent and driving recruitment applications, the goal was to show SmartLynx as a trustworthy and respectable employer in the aerospace industry that puts emphasis on building valuable and long-lasting relationships - both personal and business. 

The Solution

A multi-platform recruitment campaign

Coming in the 2022 summer season, SmartLynx did not just need to recruit a few employees. With the significant travel volume rebound due to previous Covid-restricted years, the company was looking to attract hundreds of new team members. Therefore, the advertising campaign had to be effective, reach a large audience, and generate quick, high-quality applications so the company could prepare for the summer season in time. 

SmartLynx worked with TRY on multiple campaigns, using different methods to increase the application rate and volume. Recruitment advertising campaigns on Facebook and Instagram with Feed and Story placements were used to reach the biggest share of the target audience on the platforms. TRY used website conversions objective with custom events to boost the number of conversions and reach the people most likely to apply. The ads were optimized for mobile and each placement was in line with best advertising practices. 

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SmartLynx reached a targeted audience of people who are into traveling and looking for new career opportunities. With this approach, SmartLynx was able to reach already experienced cabin crew members and also people looking for new career paths and challenges. Instagram proved to be the most effective platform to reach cabin crew. 

During the campaign TRY with SmartLynx developed the creatives, testing different types of advertisements for various placements. They were adjusted for placements and organic feel with native text stickers, to mimic the effect of organic content rather than ad-like content.

Google Ads

To ensure the best efficiency in capturing existing pilot and cabin crew job seekers' search demand across all of Europe, TRY used both, precisely targeting keywords as well as more generic keywords, combining that with Google's Smart bidding algorithms to optimize towards the maximum conversions with the given budget and search demand. Landing page and Search Ad text copy tests were carried out during the campaign to increase the conversion rate and ensure that all campaign pillars have been optimized for maximum performance. 

To report campaign performance in a pleasant visual form to the SmartLynx team, TRY used customized Google DataStudio reports and charts, making additions and changes to the dashboard during the campaign to have all vital data necessary to different manager levels in one place. 

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The Results

SmartLynx's multi-channel recruitment campaign for cabin crew members, pilots, and first officers helped to successfully reach the hiring goal for the company before the beginning of the summer season. During the campaign period, the following achievements were made:


increase in targeted career page visitor traffic, when compared to the pre-campaign period.

850+ thousand

users from the target audience reached over the duration of the campaign.

Successfully hit

the required goal for recruitment applications for all vacancies. 

Key people

  • Mārcis Ūdris

    Mārcis Ūdris

    TRY Dig

    Google Ads Manager

  • Andris Verners

    Andris Verners

    TRY Dig

    Facebook Ads Manager