4.5+ million ad impressions

  • Customer P5 Hits
  • Year 2022
  • Task Drive radio station's brand awareness using social media advertising.
  • Industry Media


Digital Marketing Paid Advertising Facebook Ads Snapchat Ads

P4 Group is part of the leading Nordic entertainment provider, Viaplay Group.

The Story

P5 Hits is one of the radio stations of the P4 Group, which in turn is part of the company ViaPlay Group. Millions of people use their streaming services, TV channels and radio stations every day.

The company prides itself on providing a great service and what they say is the best hits listening experience, programs, and shows. The main goal of the P4 group is to entertain the listeners, but at the same time, they do not forget about making and implementing responsible business decisions, and also emphasize mutually responsible cooperation with listeners, partners, and employees.

The P4 group includes of P4 Radio Hele Norge, P5 Hits, P6 Rock, P7 Klem, P8 Pop, P9 Retro, P10 Country, NRJ Norge, and web radio channel P11 Bandit.


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The challenge

P5 Hits wanted to get in front of people's eyes, tell and remind them about the daily morning show "Frokostshowet". The goal of the radio station was to improve visibility and attract new listeners with the help of social network advertising, directing them to a landing page with information about the show and the opportunity to listen to P5 Hits, as well as install the application.

The solution

In order to reach the company's target audience and promote awareness, it was decided to use both the Facebook advertising platform and Snapchat. The Facebook platform in this case gave access to a large audience of 4.8 million users in Norway who use Instagram and Facebook. Snapchat, on the other hand, was chosen to reach a younger audience, as well as to use the platform's unique opportunities to promote recognition with Unskippable Ads.

Raising awareness in Norway

The ad creatives

Ads in P5 used 3 different versions: 20, 10, and 6-second videos. Such versions are only designed to be able to test and find the most effective video length for the P5 audience, as well as to use retargeting options with shorter video lengths. An additional reason for the creation of several versions was the length limit of Snapchat Unskippable ads - 6 seconds.

Since the P5 Hits show is run by an energetic and attractive host, the advertisement should have been the same. It starts with an effective hook (facial expression, sound effects, text, speech) to grab people's attention and stop them from scrolling further down the platform.


Ad creative result comparison

It should be noted that the shorter videos were only shown to users who had previously shown interest in the longer (20-second) ad. The long version of the ad was shown to a completely cold audience, setting only age and location restrictions (Open Broad Targeting).

The broad audience, which only saw the 20s video, watched a smaller percentage of it, and fewer people watched the video to the end. Retargeting ads achieved better results, with a video completion rate of 38% (10-second video) and 48% (6-second video). Retargeting as a concept is a key element for people to watch video material more, longer and several times, improving the frequency of viewing per week. This metric is especially important in brand awareness campaigns.

Although the cost of ThruPlay (watching the video to the end or at least 15 seconds) for shorter videos was more expensive due to the choice of the target audience, the results indicate a balance between a more expensive ThruPlay and a better completion rate + percentage watched. Shorter ads are more expensive, but they are more effective in achieving the desired results (watching the video to the end).


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The next steps that TRY would take to improve the results of the campaign in the long term are to create tests with different elements of visual material, offers, as well as optimized content for the retargeting audience. In order to improve the reliability of test results and draw better conclusions, TRY would compare the effectiveness of different visual content within the same audience.


Facebook ads

TRY set up the campaign using 3 different audience selection options. Wide audience in Norway, only age restrictions used, retargeting to users who saw half of the ads in the first category, retargeting to users who saw 3 seconds of the rest of the video. The reason for this structure is to effectively target users who are potentially most interested in P5 Hits content and to promote brand awareness among them.

As part of the campaign, the ads collected more than 3 million impressions on the FB and Instagram platforms and reached almost 620 thousand users.

  • 27% of these users watched the ad video to the end.
  • 30% of users who watched the 20s video were retargeted with retargeting ads.
  • Users found the ad content engaging, based on the fact that 50.2% of users watched the 20s ad video up to 50%.
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Snapchat Ads

TRY used both Unskippable ads and Single Video ads on Snapchat. As part of the campaign, targeting settings, optimization settings, and ad types were tested and changed to find the most effective way to deliver the ad message to users.

As a result, Snapchat ads were served more than 1.4M times, and the campaign's CPM was in line with the benchmark on the Snapchat platform in Norway.

  • 73% of users who started watching an ad watched it in its entirety. Compared to Facebook, users watched almost 3 times more videos on the Snapchat platform.
  • 78% of users watched Unskippable Ads to the end, however these ads have a limited audience and more expensive costs. They are effective, but more expensive.

Overall, the Snapchat platform and its unique ability to create non-skippable ads has a positive impact on users and brand awareness.

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Advertising tools used

  • Facebook and Instagram Feed Video ads - attracting the attention of the audience with video ads in the Feed placements of the platforms.
  • Instagram Story ads - full-screen, comprehensive story ads to reach an active audience on the Instagram platform.
  • Snapchat Single Video Ads - Video ads to reach the largest available Snapchat audience.
  • Snapchat Unskippable Ads - ads up to 6 seconds long that users cannot skip, forcing them to watch the entire video to the end.


P5 Hits ad campaigns successfully reached audiences at an effective frequency to drive better brand awareness. As part of the campaign, we managed to achieve the following results:

  • 4,534,716 P5 Hits ad impressions on user screens.
  • 73% of users watched Snapchat Unskippable Ads in full (yes, because they didn't have a choice), which shows that it's a very effective brand awareness tool as long as the ads are shown at a long enough interval and to an engaged audience.
  • 665,032 ThruPlays, or times videos were played for at least 15 seconds or all the way through.
  • 142,700 Facebook Estimated ad recall lift - an estimate of how many people from the FB audience would remember P5 Hits ads if asked 2 days after seeing them.

Key people

  • Andris Verners

    Andris Verners

    TRY Dig

    Facebook Ads Manager