2.5x increase in sales

  • Customer AVA of Norway
  • Year 2022
  • Task Restructure Google Ads account, increase UK sales
  • Industry E-commerce, Home and Garden


Digital Marketing Paid Advertising Google Ads

Norway's high-pressure washer brand saw a 184% Revenue increase in the first month after the restructuring of Google Ads Paid Search and Shopping campaigns for the UK market.

The Story

Reinventing experience in high-pressure cleaning.

After 20 years of experience in providing service for major brands in the pressure washer market, AVA had accumulated great knowledge about what is functional and what is not.

Not only the obvious issues from a seller's standpoint, but also about how the customer views their own products. AVA knew that they wanted to offer products that were user-friendly and with highly increased efficiency.

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The Goal

React to organically increasing brand interest in the UK and expand sales.

AVA’s goal was to:

  • Bring a new vision of how Google Ads account can be utilized
  • Take care of organically increasing interest and demand for their products in the UK
  • Boost sales volumes
  • Increase performance during peak season

The Solution

Re-structure and scale Google Search and Shopping campaigns, and test new campaign types

AVA came to TRY because their campaigns were not performing as well as they wanted them to. They hired TRY to do an audit of the account and come up with suggestions for improvements. 

After conducting an audit and consulting with TRY, the client decided to give full control over account planning, setup, and management to the TRY team. 

TRY decided to:

  • Completely restructure Generic Search, Brand Search campaigns and Shopping Feed, putting the focus on having potentially more conversions data within one campaign in order to give bidding algorithms the necessary amount of signals to perform optimally.
  • Test Smart Shopping campaign type and Performance Max later on.
  • Implement additional purchase signal conversions for upper-funnel generic campaigns.

The Results


WoW Revenue after launching Google Ads non-brand campaigns.


MoM Revenue in the first month of account takeover.


MoM Revenue in the second month.


Revenue increase in the sales period.


MoM increase in users.


more purchases.


increase in Average purchase revenue per user.

38x more

of the models sold that were not moving in stock.

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«Through a good collaboration with TRY, with a focus on goals and optimization, AVA increased our sales throughout the season. TRY appears to be knowledgeable, interested and have a desire for us as a customer to have success. We are very pleased with our collaboration and would recommend other brands to use TRY's expertise.»

 - Head of Marketing, Nadia Corneliussen - AVA of Norway.

Key people

  • Mārcis Ūdris

    Mārcis Ūdris

    TRY Dig

    Google Ads Manager